One of the main criteria in the production of quality products in the food industry for example is the protection of the valuable qualities such as taste, odor, color, vitamins as well as efficient processing.

The Neuhaus Neotec Fluid Bed systems combines these requirements in an exceptional combination by the different process steps (the agglomerate, granulation, drying, coating, cooling, etc.) in an installation place.

Examples of typical products for various industries:

foods: raw materials and additives, powdered milk, dry and bakmengsels, bakery ingredients, instant products, dietary supplements
Pharmaceutical: raw materials, pellets and granulates, mono products, food supplements, dried extracts
chemistry: raw materials, basic and fine chemicals, detergents, agrochemicals, catalysts and additives

Purpose of the agglomeration process is a fine powdered product into a light creamy product with a lower weight and bulk without dust for ...

  • improve the water solubility
  • increasing the flow properties in containers
  • improving the dosing
  • bulk density
  • ensure that the solid nature of the product disappears as the working conditions for persons handling the products (the emptying of the bags, mixing the powders, etc.) to improve

The Neuhaus Neotec Fluid Bed systems, the product is processed at a low pressure fluid bed resulting in a good heat and mass transfer as well as minimum product stress. Optimal control of temperature and air speed is achieved through a diversified air inlet and an air distribution plate.

The installation consists of a vibrating fluid bed frame, fans, motors, air distribution, a base, tilt top with integrated filter cartridges, spray arms and microprocessor. The imbalance motors on both sides of the frame feature can be precisely adapted to the product requirements. The inlet air distributor is divided into different zones that aloows the air with different temperatures to initiate the drying chamber. The product is supplied through inlet screw on the front of the dryer. Product outlet at the other end through a rotary valve.

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